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APRIL 8, 2024


country crowd cover_edited_edited.jpg

A new song by Jay Silence called, “Country Crowd” is going to be available April 8th, 2024.

Jay tells us about the new song on the way and how it came about.

“This one’s a rocker! When I first came up with this idea for “Country Crowd” I was thinking of old school hair bands and the nuances of the eighties rock music, loud and dominate guitar riffs, hard hitting drums and bass, vocals way out in front... something similar to Motley Crue’s Dr. Feelgood album. That was a lot of the inspiration for this song and the feel of it. Let’s make a country/rock song that can go along with a line dance but is heavy enought to by turned up to eleven on your way to work in rush hour traffic.”

That’s a pretty good description of Country Crowd as it sounds today. It comes out of the gates with a blistering drum line and followed by a heavy as hell guitar riff and then you’re taken into a bar scene with booze flying off the shelf, women dancing and eventually a get away from the cops trying to break it all up.

“The story is all based on true events and an Alabama Alumni bar we used to hang out at after college. Every night we were there was an adventure, and we never knew what to expect. It was always the wildest of times watching the football team! One day/night we were there, and a woman came in who had graduated from Bama a few years earlier. The night was set ablaze! There were drinks and shots everywhere, drugs being smoked and passed around, dancing women all over the place and the room was completely packed. One of the most fun nights we ever had going out and that bar left so many life-long memories and impressions on us.”

Jay reached out to a lap steel player in the bay area to be featured on this song as well. “We wanted a heavy, slide sound for this song and I had been following a musician out in San Fransisco for years. His name is Matt Bradford and he does an awesome job not only playing lap steel but also building them! You can see Matt posting many videos of himself jamming on his custom-made lap steel guitars called the Apocalypse Machine. I was stoked to have Matt featured on this track. A true professional!”

You can hear the new song, “Country Crowd,” April 8th, 2024, streaming everywhere!

Produced, recorded and mastered at TBM Studios and Eric Reid. Greeley, Colorado.

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