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MARCH 9, 2024


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Excitement today surrounding the new release of Drive (feat. Amanda Hawkins) from Jay Silence! Jay brought on Colorado's own, Amanda Hawkins, to team up on this song and bring her amazing style and grace to the sound. 

"When I first heard Amanda sing, I knew she'd be a perfect fit for this song! Amanda does an amazing job singing all around. Performing the National Anthem at the Colorado Avalanche games at Ball Arena, singing and writing her own music and singing on many songs and records from other artists. She's an awesome talent and I was stoked that she's a part of this song!"

Jay went on to talk about the story behind Drive, "I think this song for me is all about the feelings that come with hard times in any relationship. I think that's something most everyone can relate to and have probably experienced at some point in their life. The analogy of trying to keep it all on the right side and not crossing the center lines towards oncoming traffic really paints a picture of the struggles people can go through while loving somebody." Jay continued, "We were tumblin' in a field of dust, that line kind of sums it up, gave it all we had, and it eventually crashed and burned."

With Drive (feat. Amanda Hawkins) being released in early March 2024, Jay has kept on pace with his single releases and all leading up to the new full-length album coming out later this year called, "Fly Me Away." This song has also already been added to rotations at multiple stations including K4CO Radio. 


More about Amanda Hawkins:


Amanda has become a very respected and sought after singer, performer and songwriter over the years. A Denver-born singer/songwriter Amanda Hawkins has been performing nationally since age 11. You can find her singing at Ball arena for numerous sporting events including performing as the primary National anthem singer for the Stanley Cup NHL Champions, the Colorado Avalanche.

When she's not out gigging with the hand full of bands she performs with, she's writing & recording new music.


Amanda Hawkins has been a fixture in Denver music for well over a decade. She’s a riveting live performer whose soaring, soulful vocals have been in high demand by other local artists and collaborators. With a style that easily moves from R&B to hip hop to rock and back again, the Aurora native has fronted bands and performed as a solo singer-songwriter in the city’s top clubs and venues. 


A graduate of Grandview HS, Amanda studied at the Musician’s Institute in Los Angeles and travelled to Hollywood Week in the 2007 edition of American Idol.  Upon returning to Denver, she hit the ground running and soon found herself fronting two acclaimed live acts and collaborating with some of Denver’s top hip-hop and rock musicians.


You can hear her latest single, “Fall Back On Me” everywhere you purchase and stream music. 

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