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APRIL 30, 2024



“There was something about that song that really hit home with me,” Jay explained, “The lyrics and the character in the movie (referencing Bradley Cooper in A Star Is Born) and all the struggles he was going through with addiction and loss.” Jay is no stranger to either of those. Having multiple failed marriages that led to a dark time in his life, resorting to drug use, alcohol and one night stands to fill a deep void.


“This last time going through a divorce was particularly hard on me. At the time, my two youngest kids, Chesney and Charlie, were very young and had a hard time dealing with Daddy not being around every night. That made things hard on me and I was using external vices to cope.” Jay went through a very low period in his life to which he explains these times were a lot of the substance for his writing on the Grandma’s 45s album. “That album had a lot to do with that time in my life. I found solace in writing out my deepest thoughts, fears and situations I’d find myself in. Writing songs definitely helped me when I was alone without my kids. I’d grab my guitar, a pen and paper and just start writing. Sometimes not knowing the destination but happy to take the ride.”


Jay would eventually see the light at the end of the tunnel and pulled himself out of a deep depression with help from his four kids, close friends, new relationship and band mates. “I think that’s ultimately why I wanted to record this song. Not only did it feel right spiritually and the timing of it, but it also was important for me to show a different side of myself and how I have changed as an artist. It’s not all about the late nights and the cliche of sex, drugs and rock and roll.”


You can stream Jay’s new release, “Maybe It’s Time” anywhere on your streaming services and it will be available April 30th, 2024.


Produced, recorded and mastered at TBM Studios in Greeley, Colorado by Engineer Eric Reid.

Listen here:

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