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APRIL 5, 2024



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Jay Silence has a fresh unique approach to country and rock n’ roll music. He and his band have this wildly cool ability to combine the two genres with style, attitude and razor-sharp musicianship. Ok, all of these elements sound good on paper but what about on stage you may ask?


Well, the crowd at Tom Davis Saloon last night would definitely tell you these boys got their rock and roll saddle hitched up good and tight. Jay Silence has taken country rock down a new road and kicked some dirt on it. The music he and his band are making lyrically has all the nuances of both traditional and contemporary country music, but it also has a volume knob that goes up to eleven and that’s the game changer!

I really don’t like to make comparisons about a band and what other bands they may resemble but I have to paint a picture of what’s going on here. Say you took Hank Williams Jr. or senior, or why not Hank III as well, and put them in the same room with Molly Hatchett, Charlie Daniels, and Gregg Allman, can you imagine what might come out of that room? I would bet it would be a mind-altering boot stomping situation that everyone would like to be a part of. This band's hard rocking edge combined with lyrics about daisy dukes and cowboy boots on a Friday night at a football game is clever as hell. When you can tell a great story and deliver it with serious rock and roll intentions then you have done your job and these guys are all about bringing the house down with their guts and guitars.

Last night in Loveland, Colorado everyone in the room witnessed this musical whirlwind and it was like whiskey in a bottle combined with a ladies and gentlemen start your engines moment from the opening guitar riffs. The band played original music that was danceable with catchy hooks and flowing rhythms. Jay Silence on acoustic guitar and lead vocals was joined by Tyler Schack on electric guitar, Russ Crossland on electric guitar and backing vocals, Ronnie Blechman on keyboards, Tim Goldsmith on bass and backing vocals and Dave “Goose” Gussenbauer on drums. The blending of acoustic and electric guitars from Silence, Crossland and Schack was offering many options to the sound of the band. Silence was strumming consistent flowing rhythms and getting great tone out of his acoustic guitar. Crossland and Schack were great soloists and rhythm players. They both had different playing styles and tones from their instruments giving the overall sound plenty of diversity.

The rhythm section of Goldsmith on bass and Gussenbauer on drums kept your feet stomping. They both had great timing and worked well together building a sturdy foundation of bottom-end for the rest of the guys to work from. Blechman on keyboards who has a classic rock background spiced things up with classy and powerful playing. He delivered cascading grooves and distinct tasteful solos keeping the arrangements flowing nicely. Jay Silence had great energy and a very radio friendly voice. His poetic and powerful songwriting skills were front and center hitting every corner of the room with his crystal-clear vocal delivery. The band worked really well together giving the audience a little something different. The country rock blend they were presenting had plenty of power and punch. Lyrically it was fun and musically it was delivered with great musicianship from everyone on stage. The band’s vibe was friendly and fun, but they were all business once the guitars were slung around their necks, and we can’t wait to hear what’s next!

Thanks to Jay Silence Band, Tom Davis Saloon for hosting and everyone who came out. Thanks to Alex Williamson and Andrew Lopez for making great sound and lights!


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