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APRIL 30, 2024





This past week Jay was invited to appear on Great Day Colorado with host Spencer Thomas and alongside K4CO Radio President, Joshua D’Estrada. A live interview and performance with long time band mates Tim Goldsmith on Bass and Dave “Goose” Gussenbauer on Drums.

Spencer Thomas opened up the interview with a question for Jay, asking about Jay’s past and where he comes from, “You’re a Coloradan, born and raised,” she asked Jay, “I am, Grand Junction.”


In the mid 1980’s, Jay’s father, John, moved the family Jenine, Justin and Jay to a small suburb outside of Denver while working for the Bureau of Land Management. It was later that Jay would relocate to another Colorado town and his current home in Longmont. The family ranch is still alive and well in an area near Grand Junction called Orchard Mesa, raising black angus cattle and other livestock.

Spencer next asked about the origin of the relationship between Jay and Joshua D’Estrada the President of the Colorado radio station K4CO and he was asked about how the two got in contact. “K4CO has an open-door policy with Colorado bands and musicians for them to submit music.” Joshua explained, “a little while ago Jay submitted a song, and it went through everybody at K4CO Radio, and we loved it. He’s been in rotation ever since.” This way of operating their radio station provides a ton of opportunities for local Colorado artists to grow their audiences. Jay and his music are one of those artists and he’s excited about the future and the relationship with K4CO and how it continues to grow, benefiting all involved.

The timing of this appearance was meaningful for Jay in more than one way, April 30th being Jay’s birthday but also the release of a new song, a single and cover of Jason Isbell’s “Maybe It’s Time.” Spencer was very pleased to hear about the release of the new song, “Is this the song you’re singing for us today?” She asked. Jay laughed and said, “uh—no it’s not that one…” but Spencer was thrilled to know it’s a song that was sung by actor Bradley Cooper on the movie “A Star Is Born.” In Jay’s words, “it’s a song that really hit home with me, the lyrics, the character in the movie and the struggles he was going through were very similar to mine at points in my life.” This is the first cover song Jay has ever released and looking forward to everyone hearing it.

How cool it was that Joshua D'Estrada's parents showed up to the studio! Spencer pointed this out and recognized Josh's parents, “We have fans in studio, your parents are here, and they love Jay’s music,” His parents made the trip to experience the live taping and interview but also to watch the bands’ live performance.

Spencer asked Jay about the band and how it all started and how the band has six current members, “It started in 2019 and it wasn’t so big,” Jay referencing the size of the band, “a lot of great players throughout the years. Our current line-up now is Tyler Schack on guitar, Russ Crossland on Guitar, Ronnie Bechman on piano, Dave Gussenbauer here with us today on drums and Tim Goldsmith on bass will also be playing with us today.”

To close it out, Spencer asked about the style of music, “is it Contemporary Country?” Jay did his best explaining the genre and style, “there’s some of that in there for sure. Grandma’s 45s is kind of traditional, contemporary at times. It’s a good mix of everything. We’ve been compared to bands like Whiskey Meyers, Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers. Our live sets we do a lot of jam band stuff, like we can extend songs forever, but then we have our harder rock/country sound. So, I think it’s a good mix, it’s a great mix.” Spencer agreed with, “I feel like you pull people from different genres too!”

Very true. That has been the case over the years. The music seems to transcend genres at times, bringing in all types of listeners from all different backgrounds. Classic country fans to rock fans and everyone in between!

Jay and his band will be playing live at Burndown in Denver on Friday, May 24th at 9 pm. For more information, please visit their website at:

To see the full interview and live performance from Great Day Colorado, please visit the link below:

Jay Silence Band performs LIVE on GDC alongside K4CO Radio | FOX31 Denver (

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