Our latest, "California". Special thanks to Chris Wright at Violet Studios, Bill McKay, Dan Andree, Melly Francis, and Caton Sollenberger for their contributions to this song! Thank you to Kelli Nicole Spraggins and Mark Carter for her lovely picture making the cover! Cheers and enjoy!



"Shelter," was recently recorded in Boulder, Colorado at Violet Recording. Chris Wright recorded, mixed and mastered this song that displays a different tone and feel than previous Jay Silence releases. A cool, melodic song about finding shelter in the one you love. 

This song had amazing Colorado musicians contribute to the sound including, Sarah Mount (Saxophone), John Gunther (Saxophone), Bill McKay (Organ), Marcus Rezak (Lead Guitar), Melly Frances (Background Vocals) and more! 

We are very excited to share "Shelter" with you and hope you enjoy it! 


"Grandma's 45s"

Jay Silence; Country, Alternative Country, Outlaw Country, Country Rock...  


The album, Grandma's 45s was written by Jay Silence and produced by Chad Brown. Recorded by Chad Brown & Chris Wright at Violet Studios in Boulder, Co, with additional recording done at Ten Four Recording Co in Nashville, Tn. All songs were mixed by Chad Brown at Spacemonkey Sounds and mastered by Jim DeMain at Yes Master Studios.

The artists that appeared as part of the band and guests and their contributions to this album:

Jay Silence - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, 12-String Electric Guitar

Tony Joe - Lead Guitar

Scott Spanbauer - Pedal Steel, Lap Steel, Rhythm Guitar

Brad Hacker- Bass

Dave "Goose" Gussenbauer - Drums

Melly Frances - Background Vocals

Larry Hanson - Keys, Horns

Matthew Burgess - Percussion

"Down and Out"

Another single released in 2022, "Down and Out". Also recorded with Chris Wright at Violet Recording Studios in Boulder, Co. This song had current and original members of the band record on it. Including: Dave "Goose" Gussenbauer (Drums), Tim Goldsmith (Bass), Scott Spanbauer (Pedal Steel, Guitar), Tony Joe (Lead Guitar), Bill McKay (Organ), Melly Frances (Background Vocals), Jay Silence (Lead Vocals). 

A song about standing for what you believe in.