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MAY 22, 2024


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Jay is no stranger to surprises and new news... just announced that "Fly Me Away," the new full-length album from Jay Silence, will be released in the Summer of 2024! 

Jay promises some things to look forward to.

"This record is pushing our boundaries there's no doubt. Different from past records, specifically the Grandma's 45s album, but holding true to the idea of the genre being something not easily categorized. Country, rock, Southern Rock, Cosmic Country... In the past it was decided to label the songs as country and rock but this time around the music definitely leans more towards rock. This album kicks from the get-go. In other words, strap up and turn it up because it hits hard right out the gate." 

Jay's clever songwriting even throws a call out to famed bull rider Lane Frost. Subtle as these recognitions are, Jay equates them similarly to Easter Eggs you'd find in video games or movies that reference something or past versions or ideas. Hidden gems in the mix of the melting pot of words. 

"These little things I include in my lyrics hold deep meaning to me and my past. I've done this many times before and unless you're really listening and looking for the meaning of a line or word, you might miss it or not notice it." Jay continued about his past and experiences, "Growing up with country and rock music heroes, I learned at an early age that there will always be stars in this world and universe and they never fade as long as we remember and acknowledge their existence." 

Jay promises the first three songs are heavy and made for "loud, speaker systems with subs" but them dive into slower paced and heart-felt songs including the recently released single, Drive (feat. Amanda Hawkins)

"I think there's something for everyone on this record. Heartbreak and slow dancing songs to heavy, kick ass songs like the title track, "Fly Me Away." That song is a call out to a long-time rock hero of mine, Chris Cornell. So many legends have passed in the recent years, and I just felt like it's time to start appreciating them now more than ever.

I truly hope everyone can relate to a song off of this record and overall let it take you on journey from start to finish, fly you away."

Watch for upcoming updates about the new album including album art and release date of the full album. The "Fly Me Away" single will be released on June 14th, 2024. 

Track List (as of May 22, 2024):

1. Fly Me Away

2. Country Crowd

3. Daisy Dukes

4. Workin' On A Someday

5. I Wanna Make You Mine

6. You Can't Tell Me (radio edit)

7. Drive

8. Spend Your Time 

9. Mach Wild

10. Mr. Saturday Night

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