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JANUARY 23, 2024




You know the old saying, "sometimes it's worth the wait?" Or how about, "all good things come to those who wait?" That's how Jay feels about the most recent and current line-up of musicians joining forces as the Jay Silence Band! 

After taking a hiatus for months to focus on recording and a break from the sometimes-hectic life of playing live, Jay found himself building the roster of players for the band in early 2024. 

"I couldn't be happier with the guys we have now playing alongside each other on stage! It took some time and a lot of patience and try outs, but I feel like we found exactly what we were looking for in this group of skilled musicians." Jay continued with explaining how a new guitarist named Tyler Schack fit into the mold, "When we first met Ty and brought him in for an audition, we knew we had found someone special. Ty's background in guitar was focused on rock and blues mostly which made Tim (Tim Goldsmith) and I excited for what he could offer to the music. A heavier at times and riff centered style of playing that fit perfectly with songs like Rock n Roll and Mr. Saturday Night. Once Goose (Dave Gussenbauer) heard Ty play he was sold as well."

It didn't stop with one new guitar play though. Next was a long-time guitar player named Russ Crossland. "Russ came in with a bit of different style, bringing more of a country/bluegrass style of playing to the table. Playing mostly on Telecaster guitars, we knew right away that Russ could pick up where our former guitar player had left off. Handling all the more country lycs like you hear in songs like Last Time, She's Goin' Out and Wolf Mother. Combined with Ty's playing we knew we could be on to something great! We also had to be realistic though, it wasn't going to happen overnight, and we all knew it would take time to mesh but once it did we knew the sound would be a force to reckon with."

One piece that Jay talked about was never being able to find a keyboard player that fit well. That all changed when Russ found a seasoned player in Ronnie Blechman who had come from an extensive background and playing in projects like a Jethro Tull Tribute Band and a Santana Tribute Band. "Man, when Ronnie came in for an audition I was blown away. Effortlessly fit right in with what we were doing and added a much-needed sound that filled spaces and gave the music the depth we might have been lacking before. Most every song I've recorded over the years has had some kind of keys on them, whether that was a organ, piano or even a Moog synth. Ronnie had the capability to do them all! That was very exciting!"

On January 23rd it was announced that the band was back and playing live was right around the corner! The bands' first gig together would be at Herman's Hideaway in Denver, on March 17th, St. Patty's Day. Playing alongside two other bands, Lord Nelson and Leadville Cherokee. 

"That show was fun! We all knew we had to get the first one out of the way and the anticipation was very high for months leading up to it. I think we pulled it off very well and there was a lot we took from it to build on and learn from for the next show. Overall, I thought we did great! It felt great to be back on stage and playing alongside musicians that work well together. Definitely excited for the future and where we go from here."

The current line up:

Jay Silence - Lead Vocals/Acoustic Guitar

Tyler Schack - Guitar

Russ Crossland - Guitar

Tim Goldsmith - Bass

Ronnie Blechman - Keys

Dave "Goose" Gussenbauer - Drums

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