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Jay Silence, Colorado Dirt Music.

A mix of heart and soul, rock and roll, and good ol’ country music.


Jay, a middle aged man, born and raised in Colorado, started to find talented musicians in and around Denver and Boulder, Colorado in early 2019. Beginning as Jay Silence and The Firewater Band, the name was later shortened to Jay Silence. The original music Jay had written, with his acoustic guitar and lyrics of truth, were songs about past stories and real life experiences, always being honest to the stories the songs tell. Everything from love and heart break, to addiction and depression, with many good times in between. After forming the band and performing Jay's original music, it was later realized that the music did not easily fit into one style or genre. The band thought to categorize the music as, "Cosmic Country", but that didn’t seem to fit all that was the Jay Silence Band. A new genre was born, a mesh between many different styles and sounds and one that would bring all that was the music and the lyrics together, "Colorado Dirt".


The "Colorado Dirt" genre would begin with the Jay Silence Band.


The original members of the band started with Jay and a "chickin' pickin'" style of guitar player from Chicago named, Tony Joe. Tony moved to Boulder from Chicago and met Jay. Tony brought his unique guitar playing ability and skill and "chickin' pickin'" style to add to the mix of songs Jay had been working on.


Soon after, Brad Hacker, a bass player from Bristol, Tennessee, joined in the mix. Bringing a wealth of knowledge with him about country music, the industry, his recording contacts and a highly skilled and seasoned style of bass playing. Brad would later step away from the band to pursue and further his career with song writing.


Scott Spanbauer, adding a whole new sound to the mix with his Pedal Steel Guitar playing and rhythm guitar work. Scott would step away from the band in early 2023.


Next to step in was Dave "Goose" Gussenbauer. A drummer/percussionist from Colorado, who's roots came from a rock and metal background in drumming. Goose, as the band and friends call him, had visions of bringing his heavier rock style drumming to a country/rock band. Goose brought a relentless, driving, forceful drumming style with authentic beats and rhythms that perfectly blended the songs together.


 Tim Goldsmith from Albuquerque, NM joined the band as the next bassist. Tim's extensive background in the instrument and electrifying style of bass playing, along with his tireless and inspiring stage presence, made him into a most valuable member and rock in the foundation of the band.

Chris Taylor and Brian Woodward are the newest members of the band!


Chris Taylor with his amazing guitar work, alternating lead guitar Tony Joe. 


Brian Woodward plays electric guitar and the acoustic guitar, keeping the rhythm guitar held down tight! Occasionally throwing in some keys as well!

Through out the years, the band has had many amazing artists including;

Pedro Miguel Lucci, Tom Williams, Chris Wright, Melly Frances, Lem Williams,

Bill McKay, John Gunther, Brad Good,

Caton Sollenberger, Marcus Rezak, Sarah Mount,

and many more.

 Be on the look out for future releases and live shows coming your way!

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